Dr. Celeste Fabrie - Ubuntu Hemp GERMANY & GLOBAL
Psychologist - Certified Industrial Hemp & Medical Cannabis Expert & Researcher

I offer a range of specialised online psychological and coaching services that guarantee recognisable results that offer a positive impact on your life and business success. My offer ranges from personal consultations, medical cannabis coaching and industrial hemp farming. Germany has now entered the cannabis business market and many people from both home growers to start-up companies require a professional service package from the legal to growing conditions to harvesting, building materials, medical benefits, and the entire business cycle of the cannabis plant.

"As a certified master of hemp and cannabis, the expertise I've acquired is recognized through a comprehensive education and training program, delving into various aspects of these plants, including cultivation, processing, medicinal properties, legal regulations, research 

and industry trends.
Having achieved this esteemed certification, I've undergone rigorous coursework, exams, and hands-on experience to solidify my understanding. My qualifications encompass:

  • Specialized knowledge of botany and cultivation techniques specific to hemp and cannabis plants.
  • Proficiency in advanced extraction methods for obtaining cannabinoids and other valuable compounds.
  • Expertise in pharmacology and medicinal applications of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant constituents.
  • A deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and legal considerations governing the production, distribution, and use of hemp and cannabis products.
  • Mastery in implementing quality control and testing procedures to ensure product safety and potency.
  • Developed business acumen and entrepreneurship skills tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the hemp and cannabis industry.

With these qualifications, I not only demonstrate a high level of expertise but also possess the credibility and potential to excel in various roles within the rapidly evolving hemp and cannabis landscape."

If you would like more information, just write to me or book a free consultation.